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Sulaiman Areeb
--: Biography of Sulaiman Areeb :--


Sulaiman Areeb   was an Urdu poet, who was born 1922 in Hyderabad, Deccan. He was of Hadhrami Arab origin whose ancestors arrived fromHadramaut to Hyderabad. His father Sulaiman bin Abd al-Razzaq was Risaldar in Nizam's time. He was married twice and second time to Safia Begum,  who herself was an Urdu teacher and writer. They had one son named Husain.
He started his literary career at an early age. Initially he wrote essays and short stories but later turned to writing poetry. He was one of the poets that came into prominence after independence of India.
He was editor and publisher of 'Saba' (The Breeze) -a leading Urdu literary magazine of its time, which was established in 1955. It was one of the leading Urdu literary magazine of its time and played an important role in popularizing modern literary trends and concepts.  It was discontinued after almost twenty years of its success and poularity because of his failing health due to cancer. He died in September 1972 after ailing for a long time.
He was one of the most active literary personalities of his time, during the days when Hyderabad was one of the important centres of learning in Urdu.
He was an active communist party member and also a leading member of Progressive Writers Movement, and also a strong proponent of Telangana Rebellion along with other Urdu writers of Hyderabad.
His poems have been translated into other languages including English
  Work and contribution
Pas-e-Gareban (Publication Hyderabad Anjuman Taraqqi Urdu 1961)
Hyderabad ke Sha'ir Vol II
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