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Syed Ali Abbas Jalalpuri
--: Biography of Syed Ali Abbas Jalalpuri :--


Prof. Syed Ali Abbas Jalalpuri was a professor of philosophy in Government College Lahore. He is regarded by the intellectuals of Pakistan as the Will Durant ofPakistan. He had Master's degrees in Philosophy, Persian and Urdu. He wrote more than fourteen books on Philosophy, History, and Religion in Urdu language. He was known as a first-rate scholar, and his books seemed to herald an age of reason in Pakistan.
His opinions on the subjects of history, civilization, religion, philosophy, metaphysics, folklore are held in great esteem. In his greatest work, Riwayat-e-Falsafa (Story of Philosophy), he tried to educate a common Urdu reader on the subject of Philosophy. This book served its purpose in popularizing the subject it discussed likeWill Durant's The Story of Philosophy.
Like The Dictionnaire Historique et Critique of Pierre Bayle and The Philosophical Dictionary of Voltaire, he wrote a philosophical dictionary, 'Khird Nama Jalalpuri' to explain subject's terminologies in Urdu. He also wrote “Jinsiyati Mutaley” (A Study of Sex), which presented a great research work on the subject in Urdulanguage.
 His Works
1. Riwayat-e-Falsafa (Story of Philosophy)
2. Wahdatul Wujud tey Punjabi Shaeri (Pantheism and Punjabi Poetry)
3. Iqbal Ka Ilm-e-Kalam (The theology of Allama Muhammad Iqbal
4. Maqamat-e-Waris Shah (Place of Waris) Shah)  
5. Ruh-e-Asar ( Zeit Geist or The Spirit of the Age)
6. Aam Fikri Mughaltay (Common Intellectual Errors)
7. Tareekh Ka Naya Mor (The New Turn of History)
8. Rasoom Aqwam (The Cultures of Natoions) 
9. Jinsiyati Mutaley (A Sudy of Sex)   
10 Kianat aur Insan (Universe and Man)
11 Riwaiat-e-Tamadan Qadeem (Story of Ancient Civilizations)
12 Khird Nama Jalalpuri, ( Jalalpuri Dictionary)   
13 Maqalat Jallapuri (Essays by Jalalpuri)  
14 Sibd Gulchainh (A collection of poetry).
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