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Syed Ali Ausat Zaidi
--: Biography of Syed Ali Ausat Zaidi :--


Syed Ali Ausat Zaidi was a renowned Urdu Soazkhawan. He was born in Meerut in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh in 1932 and died in Karachi, Pakistan in 2008. He hold the prestigious and eminent position of Soazkhawan for presenting soaz, salam and marsiya on Pakistan Television,Radio Pakistan, ARY Television Network, GEO TV, Indus TV and TV 2Day for several years.
 He was the eldest son of Syed Bashir Ahmed Zaidi, a religious, pious and a noble person from Meerut. He got his basic education from his father who taught him and took personal interest in the education and upbringing of his son. He did his matriculation from Meerut, ‘Faiz-e-Aam’ high school in mid 1940’s. He got his basic and advance religious studies in ‘Mansabia’ a center of excellence for shi’a community of Meerut. He learned and grasped different styles and skills of reciting Soaz,Marsiya and Noha from his maternal grandfather Syed Mohammad Jan who was also a famous and well-known Soazkhawan of his era.
 Syed Ali Ausat Zaidi had started reciting soaz, salam and marsiya quite early in his life with his maternal grandfather when he was just 10 years old though he perfected his art under supervision of his maternal grandfather and afterward he started reciting soaz, salam and marsiya independently in majalis at Meerut. He was also a Sahib-e-Biaz (Lead narrator) of a well recognized Anjuman (mourning organization) of Meerut before partition. After partition.
Syed Ali Ausat Zaidi migrated to Pakistan on 18 February 1948 and settled in Karachi where he found his old friends and he began a new journey by founding a ‘Maatami Anjuman Nauhakhawani and Maatamdaari’ kept growing in Karachi and around 25 years Ali Ausat Zaidi served as a Nohakhawan. Allama Rasheed Turabi Qibla often used to quote the starting lines of a Noha recited by Syed Ali Ausat Zaidi saying: Jab Kabhi Ghairat-e-Insaan ka sawal ata hai Bint-e-Zehra teray Parday ka Khayaal ata hai ,
جب کبھي غيرت ِ انساں کا سوال آتا ھے
بنت ِ زھرا تيرے پردے کا خيال آتا ھے
Peoples from ‘Maatami Dasta’ of Syed Ali Ausat Zaidi are still serving in Bargah-e-Imam-e-Aali Maqaam, being a part of Anjuman-e-Shabaab-ul-Momineen.
In 1958, Syed Ali Naqvi Sahab asked Syed Ali Ausat Zaidi to recite Marsiya, Soaz O Salam in majlis of 21st Ramazan. At first, Syed Ali Ausat Zaidi hesitated but then accepted his offer. This was the first time he recited marsiya independently in a majlis. His effort was very fruitful. Allama Rasheed Turabi admired his style of delivering Salam O Marsiya so much that he invited him for Soazkhawani at Majlis-e-Soazkhawani, 19th Safar at Azakhana-e-Zehra. This Majlis-e-Soazkhawani was started and organized by Allama Rasheed Turabi Sahib himself. In this majlis, leading Soazkhawans gifted Hadiya’s of there Soaz O Salam to Imam Hussain(A.S). Syed Ali Ausat Zaidi as offered by Turabi Sahab attended this majlis and recited a Salam of ‘Sajjad Razmi’ Sahab which was liked by audience. Allama Rasheed Turabi Sahab encouraged Syed Ali Ausat Zaidi and said:
“Ausat Mian, Iss Saal ki Majlis Tu Tum Nay Loot Li”
In this way Ali Ausat Sahab, started being recognized and known as a Soazkhawan in Karachi.
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