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Syed Hussain Bilgrami
--: Biography of Syed Hussain Bilgrami :--

 Syed Hussain Bilgrami 

Syed Hussain Bilgrami(1842-1925) an eminent Indian Muslim writer.Syed Bilgrami served Hyderabad the princely state of British India in various positions including Director of Public Instruction and was closely involved in the setting up of Osmania University.

He was known as Imadul Mulk and he also taught the seventh Nizam Osman Ali Khan. 

Syed Bilgrami was the first Indian Member of Council of Secretary of State for India at Whitehall (1907-1909) and he drafted the letter that was presented to Lord Minto by the Agha Khan, in 1906, on behalf of Indian Muslims concerning Muslim Representation at the time of the Minto Reforms. 

Syed Hussain Bilgrami was born at Gaya (Bihar).

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