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Syed Kashif Raza
--: Biography of Syed Kashif Raza :--


Syed Kashif Raza (24 April 1968-) Urdu Writer, Researcher, Editor and Journalist. He has written 13 books and many articles on Science and Fine arts. He edited three Magazines and currently he is associated with Pakistan's leading Newspaper, Daily Express as a Senior Sub Editor. He is the son of famous Pakistani Encyclopedist and Writer, Syed Qasim Mahmood.

Asim Mahmood was born in Lahore. His father owns a library of 3000 books, so in young age he started to read and writes. He studied in St. Anthony's High School,Lahore and grew in Literary & Scientific atmosphere.In 1980 he shifted to Karachi with his parents. There he did his graduation. He did Masters in History from AIOU, Islamabad.

In 1985 he start writing articles in Monthly Science Magazine. His father, who also publish Books, published this magazine. Then he translated famous short stories of English, French and Russian writers for different Urdu Magazines. Till now he has wrote more than 600 articles in Newspapers and Magazines. Also he had written these

13 books


. Islami Pocket Dictionary 
. America ka Mashoor madamay (Famous Cases of USA) 
. Pakistani Atom Bomb kee kahani (Story of Pakistan's Atom Bomb) 
. Dastan Lady Diana (Story of Lady Diana) 
. Mashoor Siasi Qatal (Murders of famous Politicians) 
. Dastan Imam Shamil (Story of Imam Shamil) 
. Hitler kay Bacha (Hitler's Sons, Translation) 
. Mashoor Rohanai Ajabiat (Famous Spiritual Events) 
. Parandow Ke kahani (Story of Birds) 
. Mashoor Badunwan siasatdan (Famous Corrupt Politicians) 
. Banadar Ke Kahani (Story of Monkeys) 
. Mashoor Badnam Auratian (Famous Notorious Women) 
. Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi kee dastan (Autobiography of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi)

In 1985 he help his father to compile famous Shahkar Islamic Encyclopedia. In 1997 again he helps his father to compile another milestone work, Shahkar Encyclopedia Pakistan. Then in 2003 he rewrite well known book, Muqaddimah of Arab polymath, Ibn Khaldun, (known as Prolegomenon in English). In 2004 he did revision of famous Persian historian, Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari book, Tarikh al-Tabari (History of the Prophets and Kings). In 2005 he revised a book, islamic encyclopedia which was compiled by noted urdu journlist and writer, Maulana Mahboob Alam in 1900. He rewrites the Munshi sahab islamic encyclopedia in modern Urdu. These books are published by Alfasial publishers, Lahore. In 1999 he worked as a research fellow in Lahore's NGO, PINA. It's run by famous writer and columnist, Altaf Hasan Qureshi.

From 1985 to 1998 Asim was assistant Editor of Monthly Science Magazine. This Urdu Magazine actively took part to promote scientific& Technological activities in Pakistan. In 1988 he became Editor of Monthly Afsana Digest (Short story Digest), which published many great short stories of the world. This digest was popular in literary circles. In 1996 he worked for Monthly Qaumi Digest and weekly Zindgi. Columnist and journalist, Mujaib ul Rahman Shami is the Editor in chief of these Magazines. In 2000 he appointed as an Assistent Editor of Pakistan's first Digest, Urdu Digest. In this capacity he write many researched articles on science and literary subjects in Urdu Digest.

From 2005, Asim is associated with Sunday Magazine of Daily Express. Every Sunday he write article on different subjects i.e. Science, Politics, Sociology, Economics, Environment etc. Also he is in charge of Arts & Culture Edition. 


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