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Syed Wahidul Qadri Arif
--: Biography of Syed Wahidul Qadri Arif :--

 Syed Wahidul Qadri Arif 


Syed Waheedul Quadri Arif belongs to a well known family of Hyderabad Deccan. His great grandfather Hazrath Abul Barakat Syed Ahmed Naqshbandi Mujadidi (RA) migrated from Afghanistan to Hyderabad whereas his maternal ancestors were the descendants of Hazrath Sayyadina Abdul Qadir Al-Jeelani (RA) and came to Hyderabad from Hama, Syria. His father Hazrath Abul Fazl Syed Mahmood Quadri (RA) besides being a Sessions Judge was an acknowledged reformer of the city and a famous poet and writer.

Syed Waheedul Quadri Arif completed his studies at Osmania University and later moved to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where he has been living for almost three decades.

Syed Waheedul Quadri Arif is known for his Urdu poetry that includes both devotional compilations and Ghazals. His poetry is mostly seen on facebook and other Urdu websites.

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