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Tabish Dehlvi
--: Biography of Tabish Dehlvi :--


He was born on November the 11th, 1911 in a learned family of India. Started his career in 19, later joined All India Radio on 1939. After Partition of India, he migrated to Pakistan and worked for Radio Pakistan.
He is counted amongst the poetic personalities who have infused a sense of devotion to literature among the newcomers. He has been widely acclaimed for his masterly poetic renderings both in and outside Pakistan.
The reputed historians of Urdu literature have categorised Tabish Dehlvi as a very learned poet of his time. He holds a distinguished position amongst his contemporaries and ranks high as a linguist. He gave new dimensions and directions to ancient words and their meanings.
He dominated the 'mushairas' he attended during his lifetime. The tone of his voice did not change despite his advance age. He was invariably requested to preside over 'mushairas 'and other literary meetings.
At the instance of A.S. Patras Bukhari, the then director-general of All India Radio who had developed a liking for his literary talent and rich voice, Tabish, who is known as Masood Tabish in the field of broadcasting, began his radio career. He was a newscaster par excellence and ruled over the skies for several decades.
In the post-1947 period he was regarded as the new country's most prominent newscaster.
The masses would be glued to their radio sets in order to hear his sonorous voice presenting Urdu news bulletins. He could justifiably claim that he had announced many breaking news events.
His contemporaries were greats like Josh Malihabadi, Jigar Muradabadi , Mahir Ul Qadri and many more.
He had four daughters and one son. 1.Zareena Mukhtar 2.Shahna Tabish 3.Durdana Qureshi 4.Rasheequa Rizvi 5.Saud Tabish
He became nostalgic when recalling how he managed to raise the slogan of 'Pakistan Zindabad', which was not in the text, on the air waves just after the Quaid-i-Azam's speech on June 3, 1947. He died in September 2004 in Karachi at the age of 93.
Tabish received many awards in his lifetime and was finally decorated with the coveted award of Tamgha-i-Imtiaz by the government of Pakistan. During the reign of Nawaz Sharif by the Former President Rafiq Tarar in 1999

His notable collection of poetry includes:

1. Nimroz 
2. Chiragh-e-Sehra 
3. Ghubar-e-Anjum 
4. Mah-e-Shikasta 
5. Kisht-e-Nawa (full collection)


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