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Talat Farooq
--: Biography of Talat Farooq :--


Talat Farooq is an educator, human rights activist, poet, columnist, and the executive editor of the research journal Criterion Quarterly in Islamabad, Pakistan. Criterion describes itself as a quarterly magazine that aims "at producing well researched articles for discerning readership," and indicates that "the editorial board is neutral in its stance." Farooq holds an M.Phil. in American Studies.

Farooq writes poetry in Urdu, Potohari, and Seraeki, and her collection Titley Key Rang Hazaar - one of two poetry collections she has written - highlights women's issues. It focuses on powerlessness of women, and describes instances of gender violence.

Her second book of verse, Scheherzade, contains poems that raise the issue of women's rights such as,"Violence against Women" and "Sonia Naz". It also contains poems on democracy, the visit of President Bush to Pakistan, the lawyers movement, the 2008 Pakistani elections, and Benazir's assassination.

In October 2007, as part of a delegation from Pakistan she visited Azerbaijan and spoke at the International Conference organized by Institute of Oriental Studies, National Academy of Sciences, Azerbaijan, presenting a paper on "Roomi's Influence in Iqbal's poetic thought".

Farooq is also associated with Military Hospital's Female Psychiatry Ward.

Her husband is the former chief of staff of Pakistan Navy and has also served as Rector of bahria University. Since May 2010 she has joined University of Leicester UK as a full time PhD student. Her research pertains to post-9/11 American foreign policy toward Pakistan. 

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