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Wakas Mir
--: Biography of Wakas Mir :--


Wakas Mir is a Pakistani-born Norwegian national. He's a Radio hosr mostly noted for his hit radio online show called Wakas Mir Live and has also been the host for a radio talk show in Oslo, Norway called Apni Awaz Radio. There he provided his services as an anchor hosting shows on social issues that revolved around Asians in Norway. Wakas left Apniawaz due to his busy schedule.

Wakas Mir was born in Lahore, Pakistan. He lived in Pakistan until he was 10 years old and then moved to Norway with his mother and grand mother, to his dad. Being artistically inclined right from childhood, he was always drawn towards anything that required artistic skills or a good voice. 

Having studied in the same Govt. College as the famous Pakistan pop star Ali Zafar. Wakas has on various occasion performed with Ali in college functions. But is more inclined to do Islamic nasheeds rather than songs.

Dabbling in various careers ranging from being a British Gas agent to being a web designer at Dotmusic better known these days as Yahoo music. He finally found that his forte was web designing & currently works as a Project Manager for a Media Company in Oslo, Norway. His interests in the arts also has him honing his skills as a host to the Wakas Mir Live show broadcast through CrazeFM.

Wakas also explored his interests in poetry & has written hundreds of poems in English, Hindi, Punjabi & Urdu. He writes on a variety of subjects ranging from life to emotions, love, relationships & positivity. One can access his poetry in the various online collections. While his English poems have already been published in a collection, his Urdu poems are now being collected to be published.

He has also been quite active when it comes to marketing online. With his marketing skills, he has managed to take the radio station he had launched, CrazeFM, to new heights.  The various methods of replicating the radio streams on the biggest Asian portals gained his website, CrazeFM,  lots of exposure. His designing skills also came into use in this site. All these that won him the Best and most Popular TV / Radio site. On 26 July 2011, Wakas Mir, initiated one of the largest Facebook groups and was on national TV to talk about his campaign for peace. His group resulted in a national peace march that brought out almost a million people on the roads of Norway.

Wakas normally brings up topics in his shows that cause a stir. He has also interviewed some of the biggest names in the Indian TV industry and dozens of top Bollywood singers and celebrities. Below is a list of the very few of the thousands he has done that were well received.

.Wakas is currently presenting a program on 99.3 FM which can be heard in Oslo and online. The program focuses on the issues that Muslims and Pakistanis are going through in Norway. Some topics being brought up are quite sensitive and that's what makes the discussions interesting. Listeners may also listen to the previous shows at Deen-O-Duniya.

Wakas lost his mother to cancer in the end of 2009. He got married in the year 2010 and is now residing in Oslo with his family. Wakas closed down his Online Radio station, due to some other ventures and lack of time. At the moment of shutting down crazefm it was one of the most visited Asian radios on the web.

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