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Wali Mohammed Wali
--: Biography of Wali Mohammed Wali :--


Wali was born in 1667 at Aurangabad, an important town in the present Maharashtra state. He loved travelling, which he regarded as a means of education. He visited Ahmedabad, Delhi, Surat, Burhanpur, and also undertook a pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina. His visit to Delhi made in 1700 was of great significance for the future of the Urdu ghazal. , Wali unravelled the beauty and richness of the native language as a poetic medium, on the other, he was alive to the vigour and verve of Persian diction and imagery which he successfully incorporated into the body of his verse. His favourite theme is love- both mystical and earthy- and his characteristic tone is one of cheerful affirmation and acceptance, Wali died in Abmedabad in 1707, and was buried in the same city.


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