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Waqif Muradabadi
--: Biography of Waqif Muradabadi :--

 Waqif Muradabadi 


Syed Yaqub-ul-Hasan Waqif was born at Sambhal on 26th october 1904,after completing his education,He worked,first as a school teacher,and then as a song and dialogue writer for the Indian films. He was quite hard pressed for money during the post-partition period, but his appointment as a lecturer in Urdu at Punjab University Camp College,Delhi,and at Dayal Singh College, eased his financial situation, on retirement he was granted a scholarship of 5,000 rupees per anum from the UGC. But he was not live long,and died on 15 December 1966,probably from cancer. He was buried at Feroz Shah Kotla graveyard on 16th December,1966.

Waqif Muradabadi was humorist by instinct and temperament, and had an attractive mode of presentation, which won him loud applouse in mushairas and literary gatherings. He has also made translation of Rubaiyat of Omer Khayyam.

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