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Yaas Bihari
--: Biography of Yaas Bihari :--


Yas Bihari real name is Hakeem Mohammad Iliyas Firdausi (1886-1960) son of Syed Shah Amin Ahmed Firdausi a 19th century physician, Indian Nationalist and Urdu poet titled YAAS Bihari from Khanqah Biharsharif. He passed Hikmat from Lucknow Tibbia College in 1907 and practiced medicine at Nawada town for fifty years (1908-1955). He was an active member of India Congress and freedom activist, imprisoned by British rule once along with Mahatma Gandhi. He was one of the organizers of Public Meeting at Nawada in 1936 ; addressed by Mahatma Gandhi. In Urdu poetry Yaas Bihari was companion of Mubarak Azimabadi and Anjum Manpuri; published his poems in Nadeem and SUHAIL from Gaya. He was one of the students of Shaad Azimabadi and his style is Lukhnavi. Collection of his poetry was compiled by Muradullah Firdausi maneri but remains unpublished.

Hakeem Mohammad Iliyas Firdausi had a good command on Persian literature too. He has written some poetry in Farsi. Out of Hundred letters from MAKTOOBAT-e- SADI, he translated sixty letters into Urdu, which has been published by maktabe Sharaf Biharsharif and Saeed Book Depot Karachi and widely distributed in India and Pakistan.

Sample of His Poetry:

Ho aql ki justajoo to deevana bano , 
Gardish ki talaash hai to paymana bano, 
Jalna hai to aatishe mohabbat me'n jalo, 
khaak banna hai to khalq ka parwana bano. 

Jo dil ka ghani hae wohi dar asl ghani hae, 
Daulat se koii yaas tavangar nahi'n hotaa. 

Falak par chaRhne waley bekamand abb hotey jatey hai'n, 
Shahaan -e- namvar uzlat pasand abb hotey jatey hai'n, 
Arab ki , hind ki , cheen kii fezao'n mei'n Jo uRhte thaiey, 
Woh Pakistan key pinjrey me'n band abb hotey jatey hai'n. 

With Thanks : Manzar Hussain Akbar 


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