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Yahya Khan Yusufzai
--: Biography of Yahya Khan Yusufzai :--

 Yahya Khan Yusufzai 

YAHYA KHAN is a young and modern urdu poet. He was born in a town located in the middle of Maharashtra called Beed. He belong to the well know literature oriented family Yusuf Zai's that had famous poets and writers like AHSAN YUSUF ZAI, ZAFAR NAAZ and MAYAL YUSUF ZAI etc.

His family is running an Urdu daily newspaper named '' AL HILAL TIMES '' from Beed.

YAHYA has started writing urdu poems when he was 17. He has done his primary and secondary education from his hometown, later he has completed his higher studies in the field of food technology. He has been published in many news papers and Urdu magazines. He has attended several Mushaeras in Maharashtra.

Beside his literary work, he is very beloved and popular amongst his friends. His first collection of his literary work is expected to be published by the end of 2012.

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