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Yawar Maajed
--: Biography of Yawar Maajed :--

 Yawar Maajed 

Yawar Maajed is a distinguished urdu poet from Punjab, Pakistan. He has been writing since late 1980s

and is well known for his distinct style in poetry as well as prose. His early works were published in

various urdu journals. 

Yawar was born in 1971 in a literary family, his father, Maajed Siddiqui is a well known urdu poet,

prose writer and scholar. He was married in 2000 and has two kids. 

Yawar started his career as a software developer locally in Pakistan, he participated in several

competitions and bagged first prize in 1998 in All Pakistan Software Competition in professional

category, a high honor for any software developer in Pakistan. 

Yawar currently lives in USA. 


1. آشنائیاں AashnaiyaN .. 1991 - A collection of Urdu poems

Forthcoming Publications

1.آنکھ بھر آسمان aaNkh bhar aasman .. 2012 - A collection of urdu poems and Ghazals written

between 1991 and 2012

2. بھالو گوشے bhaalu goshe .. 2012 - A collection of poems for kids. 


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