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Zafar Gorakhpuri
--: Biography of Zafar Gorakhpuri :--


There are times when it is difficult to distinguish a poet from a writer. There is so much that is similar between them and yet they can be so different in expressing the same feelings-mainly in form and structure. I hope to start talking about poets and their poetry in films soon but I have found a reason to write about one of the greatest poets and lyricists of our times, thanks to my friend, Pankaj Udhas who has sung some of the best ghazals written by Zafar in his latest album Aar-Paar-Ka Manzar. Thank you, Pankaj for bringing Zafar and his poetry, which were almost forgotten in films. I hope the industry now recognises what they have missed or have been missing by neglecting a genius who can still bring dignity to poetry and lyrics, dignity which is slowly dying an insignificant death without any one trying to care for it, in writing and poetry especially.
Zafar Gorakhpuri is a very significant name in the contemporary Urdu Literature. The continuous overflow of his poetry begins with Raghupaty Sahay Firaq Gorakhpuri and moves on, until it reaches the late Ali Sardar Jafri,Kaifi Azmi, Jan Nissar Akhtar, Majrooh Sultanpuri, and Sahir Ludhianvi. There is a delicate, intricate and a beautiful combination and blending of classical poetry, modern poetry and his rich innovations in his poetry. It is like different streams flowing from different directions and merging into the main stream. It reveals a new direction in the world of Urdu poetry.
Zafar Gorakhpuri was born on May 5, 1935, in the village Bedoli Babu Gaon of sub-division (Tahseel) Basgaon of district Gorakhpur. This eminent (shayar) poet made a distinct mark in the field of ghazals when very young. In his poetry, we have a glimpse of a new style; we can feel the fresh breeze in his thoughts and rare originality, which has given him eminence and recognition.
Today, he is one of the few Urdu poets, whose brilliant poetry has been engraved in the hearts of Urdu poetry lovers. He has given seven unforgettable collections of his rich poetry to us- to his audience.
Among his collections are Taisha, Vadi-E-Sang, Gokhuru Ke Phool, Chirage-Chasme-Tar, Sachayian, Naach-Re-Gudiya and Aar-Paar-Ka-Manzar, which was released recently. It is a treasury of some of the greatest poems written in Urdu in our times. The poet has not been very comfortable with the kind of writing of songs in Hindi films but his continues overflow of powerful human feelings and human relationships continues unabated, untouched by the vagaries and vulgarity poetry has been reduced to and that's why the poet in him refuses to walk out into the bazaar trying or crying to sell his poems in a market which has gone "crude, corrupt and even cunning".
Besides his valuable contribution in Urdu literature, Zafar Gorakhpuri has also written some hit songs for Hindi films like Baazigar, Khuddaar, Hulchul, Shama, Gundaraj,Khilona, Zalim, Ganga Ki Beti and Putli Bai.
In 1966, Zafar Gorakhpuri wrote some his songs and ghazals for the unforgettable singers like Talat Mehmood and CH Atma, which were recorded by HMV. In 1984, he met the well known ghazal singer Pankaj Udhas. He wrote a number of ghazals, nazms, and songs for Pankaj Udhas. Zafar Gorakhpuri's unique poetry has been rendered in the golden voice of Pankaj Udhas. Some of his beautiful Albums are Royal Albert, Nayaab, Shagufta, Aafreen, Geetnuma, Rubai, Teen Mausam and Aman. The recent number Stolen Moments are a marvellous combination of Zafar Gorakhpuri's fine poetry and Pankaj Udhas' voice.
Zafar Gorakhpuri has been a great success in the mushairas (Urdu ghazal programmes). In the last forty-eight years he has actively participated in various mushairas and captured hearts. He won great acclaim and accolades from the renowned Urdu poets like Josh Malihabadi and Firaque Gorakhpuri and Faiz Amed Faiz. It gives him deep satisfaction and great joy to be honoured by such distinguished poets. In 1997, he represented India by participating in many International mushairas in U. S. A. (Concert in Urdu Poetry). In 1999, he was the President of The All India Mushaira, at Jeddah (S. Arabia).
Zafar Gorakhpuri has received ten prestigious Awards from various Academies of India. In 1992, he was awarded The State Award from Maharashtra Urdu Academy. In 1966, Firaq Sammaan honoured him. Indeed, he is a continuous shining star in the world of Urdu poets. And I hope the star inspires some of our so called poets to keep poetry alive because it is only poetry like the poetry of Zafar that can make the 'safar' of life interesting and even intriguing at times. Zafar na hote to safar adhura sa hota. Aaiye zindagi ka safar Zafar ke saath chalte hain. Zindagi ka safar Zafar ke saath saath chale chalo kahan milta hai aisa saath baar baar?


 ظفر گورکھپوری 

نام ’’ ظفرالدین ، تخلص ظفر۔ ۵؍ مئی ۱۹۳۵کو ضلع گورکھپور ( یو پی کی تحصیل بانس گائوں کے ایک
دیہات بیدولی بابو میں پیدا ہوا۔ بچپن ہی میں بمبئی آگیا تھا اور یہیں کا ہو کر رہ گیا۔ گائو ں واپس جانے کو
بہت جی چاہتا ہے۔ لیکن 
 باڑھ آئی تھی ظفر لے گئی گھر بار مرا
اب کسے دیکھنے جائوں میں وطن بارش میں
زمانہ طالب علمی میں اسکولوں کی غیر نصابی تحریکوں یں حصہ لینے اور بعض ادب کا ذوق رکھنے والے اساتذہ کی ہمت افزائیو ں کے نتیجے میں ادب کا چسکا لگا۔ پہلے کچھ افسانے لکھے ،پھر شعر ، پہلا شعر غالباً ۱۹۴۹ء میں کہا تھا۔ ۱۹۵۳ء میں ترقی پسند تحریک میں شامل ہوا۔ فراق بنے بھائی ( سجاد ظہیر ) ، سردار کیفی، کرشن چندر ، مہندر ناتھ، ظ انصاری، اور مجروح وغیرہ کے ساتھ ملا تو صلاحیتوں کو اور جلا ملی لیکن بہت جلد یہ سمجھ میں آگیا کہ ادب کو کسی مخصوص نظریے کی تشہیر کا ذریعہ نہیں ہونا چاہئے اور نہ اسے ذات مختصر کے دائرے کا اسیر ہونا چاہئے۔ تب سے دونوں کے درمیان اپنی راہ نکالنے کی کوشش کر رہا ہوں۔ شعر گوئی  کی ابتداء نظم سے ہوئی تھی۔ دو دہائیوں سے کچھ زیادہ ہی عرصے تک نظمیں کہتا رہا۔ لیکن جانے کیو ں ادھر چند برسوں سے غزل نے من موہ لیا ہے۔ اب تک تین شعری مجموعے چھپ چکے ہیں۔ ۱۔تیشہ۔۲۔ وادی سنگ ۔ ۳ ۔ گو کھرو کے پھول۔ اس کے علاوہ جس قدر بن پڑا ہے بچوں کا قرض بھی سر سے اتارا ہے۔ بچوں کے لئے دو مجموعے ناچ ری گڑیا اور سچائیاں شائع ہو چکے ہیں۔ بہت سے ڈرامے بھی لکھے ہیں۔


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