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Zakia Ghazal
--: Biography of Zakia Ghazal :--

Zakia Ghazal


Zakia Ghazal is a known poetess of Pakistani origin whose literary and poetic ventures have charmed the worldwide audience for well over a decade. Admirers of Zakia’s poetic recitals are all over the globe, from east to west and onwards, whom she has bedazzled with her literary wit and charming voice. No wonder she continues to be invited by world forums to read her poetry to a global fan base that follows her wholeheartedly.

Zakia was leading from the front right from early student life. She actively participated in various extra-curricular activities including debates and poetry competitions. She went on to become the president of Students’ Union during her college days. At the same time, Pakistan Televison (PTV) began to invite Zakia for guest appearance on various shows. Despite her academic and extra-curricular engagements, she also served as presenter on Radio Pakistan World Service for five years and in Bazm-e-Talba. Zakia also served as the Councilor of her academic department while doing her Masters in Psychology from the University of Karachi. No wonder her academic excellence and flare for arts and literature won her numerous awards, including gold and silver medals besides a host of trophies. As an educationist she had served in two leading schools of Karachi known as Karachi Public School and City School for more than five years.

Zakia distanced herself from the literary and social circles in view of her marital commitments. She reappeared on the scene as Urdu poetess in the year 1996 and proved her mettle once again as a popular figure because of her peculiar style, rhythmic voice and classy reformative poetry. During the last sixteen years, she has attended many poetry forums around the world including U.S.A, Canada, India, Australia, U.A.E, Doha Qatar, Oman (Muscat) and all over Pakistan receiving many awards and citations lauding her outstanding achievements. Her first poetry collection (Badal, Geet, Hawa aur Main) was launched in Karachi on February 9th, 2002 and was declared one of the top ten books of the year. Her audio CD’s Tabeerain, Ghazlaine Doha & Geet were launched in more than 25 states of North America, and in Lucknow, India in 2003-04.

And still there is more to Zakia than what has been attributed to her in the above lines. As social worker she formed a Social, Cultural and Literary Organization “IZHAR” in 2002 with the objective of helping out those writers and poets who are financially challenged. IZHAR has also published works of different poets who cannot afford to do so.  In view of her literary and social work, United Nations’ National Commission for Human Development in New York invited her to fundraising dinner hosted by UNDP and having the former President of Pakistan Gen. Pervaiz Musharaf as the chief guest. She has also had the honor of writing “Karachi Anthem” on the request of Deputy Mayor of Karachi in 2006. The anthem portrays unity among the different communities living in Karachi. In addition, she served as Chairperson of Talk Show Committee in 2006 as elected member of the Governing body of Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi.

In 2008, Zakia moved to Canada with her family for her children’s higher education. Since then, she continues to represent Pakistan and Canada by participating in literary and poetry events and forums held in U.S.A, India and U.A.E. She has also been invited by literary societies in Pakistan. Leading Pakistani singers have sung many of her poems, which can only be read as a tribute to her poetic contributions. No wonder she is the first Urdu poetess who received “Nishan-e-Urdu” from the Urdu Society of Australia in 2001 and also became the first Pakistani poetess to receive Gold Medal & Adeeb International Award from Sahir Cultural Academy, Ludhyana, India in 2004. Zakia continues to push her literary prowess to new heights and winning accolades from her global audience on road to excellence.  



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