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Zameer Naqvi
--: Biography of Zameer Naqvi :--


Allama Syed Zameer Akhtar Naqvi, is a noted Pakistani Scholar, religious leader, public speaker, and Urdu poet.
Zameer Akhtar was born in Lucknow, India in 1947. He is son of Syed Zahir Hasan Naqvi and Syeda Mohsina Zahir Naqvi. His real name is Zameer Hasan, but he is famous as "Zameer Akhtar". In 1967, He migrated to Pakistan and permanently settled in Karachi.
He studied at the Hussainabad School (matric) and Government Jubilee College, Lucknow (inter). Zameer Akhtar received his Graduate degree at the "Shia College Lucknow". Zameer Akhtar is an author on more than 300 books, His work confines in different fields i,e literature, culture, religion, philosophy, logics, journalism, sociology, science, oratory, language etc.
He has been a speaker on different themes of Islam for many decades. His lectures are based on such as science, philosophy, history, and computer technology, and sometimes also include more diverse subject matter including flexibility, evaluation, foretelling, future telling, contemporary issues, and current affairs.
He is the president of Mir Anees Academy, as well as the president of "Islamic Scholastic Institute". He is Editor in Chief of quarterly magazine "AL-Qalam". He is an orator of his own style and recited more than 10,000 speeches on different topics.
Chairman of Mir Anees Academy, Karachi, Pakistan
President of Islamic Scholastic Institute, Karachi, Pakistan
Director of Markaz-e-Uloom-e-Islamia Pakistan
Editor in Chief of Quarterly “Al-Qalam” magazine, Karachi, Pakistan
Josh Malih-abadi’s Marthiyah (1980) A collection of Josh Malih-abadi’s Marthiyah with a full glossary.
Urdu Marthiyah in Pakistan (1982) The history of Marsiya in Pakistan from 1947 to 1977 in which are unearthed some classical hand-written manuscripts of Marsiya and it’s writers history.
Urdu “Ghazal” about Karbala (1988) The travel of Urdu Ghazal (a form of Urdu poetry) from Iran to India; the meaning and interpretation of Ghazal; some ghazal’s about Karbala also included.
Urdu poetry in praise of Imam Ali (a.s) (1993) Religious literary and knowledgeable volume; Arabic, Persian, and Urdu examples of poetry by highly respectable poets in praise of Hazrat Ali (a.s.)
The poets in the family of Mir Anis (1996) The life history of 22 family members of Mir Anis that were poets and their poetry.
Miracles and Qur'an, a collection of lectures (1996) The ten complete lectures about the definition of miracles and the history of miracles.
The life of Ja’fer-e-Tayyar (a) (1998) The first cousin of the Prophet of Islam, his life history, the first book of it’s kind, in any language the details of his dialogue with king of Ethiopia at that time, his complete speech in the court of King Negus of Ethiopia.
Where Mir Anis has talked about colours in his poetry (1999) The poetry collection in which Mir Anis talked about colours, this book contains all the poetry of Anis regarding this subject.
The valuable manuscripts of Urdu Marsia writing (2004)
Study of Elegies of Mir Anees (2004)
  Notable places of lectures of Zameer Akhtar Naqvi
1.     Shi’ah College, Lucknow (India)
2.     Urdu Academy, Lucknow U.P.(India)
3.     Punjab University, Lahore (Pakistan)
4.     Punjab High Court Bar Association, Lahore (Pakistan)
5.     Peshawar University (Urdu Deptt.) Peshawar (Pakistan)
6.     Sayyid-ul-Madaris, Amroha, Distt. Muradabad (India)
7.     Karachi University, Deptt. Of Botany (Pakistan)
8.     Ghalib Library, Karachi.
9.     Shrine of Hazrat Imam Al-Reza (a.s.) Mash-had, Khorasan (Iran)
10. Mir Anis House, Lucknow (India)
11. Art Council, Karachi (Pakistan)
12. University of London (Conway Hall), Bertrand Russel Room, Red Lion Square, (London)
13. Imam Al-Khoei Centre, Stone Hall, Chevening Road, (London)
14. Islamic Centre England, Maida Vale, (London)
15. Khorasan Centre, Englewood, New York, (USA)
16. School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
In 1980, on compilation of the book ‘Josh Malih-Abadi’s Marthiyah’, Mir Anees Award was awarded.
In 1999, Commonwealth award, London by Anjuman-e-Farogh-e-Aza.
India, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait
Greece, Germany, Holland, England, Scotland
North America
United States of America
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