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Zamir Ali Badayuni
--: Biography of Zamir Ali Badayuni :--


Zamir Ali Badayuni   was a well-known critic and broadcaster on the Karachi literary scene in which he played an important role through his writing and his support for new trends and younger writers. The son of Yaqoob Ali, he was born 20 June 1941 in Badayun, UP, India and received his early education in Bombay before migrating to Pakistan. He was associated with the Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation where he became associated with stalwarts like Saleem Ahmed and Qamar Jameel. A keen student of literature and philosophy, he wrote two books. The first on Modernism And Post-Modernism, which received Baba-e-Urdu Award by the Pakistan Academy of Letters. The second, Mabaad-i-Jadeediat Ka Doosra Rukh, was published by Scheherzade publications. He received the Abdul Haq Award from Adbiat Pakistan.  Zamir Ali died in Karachi on October 21, 2003.
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