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Zauqi Alam
--: Biography of Zauqi Alam :--

 Zauqi Alam 


Mr. Mousharraf Alam Zauqui, Pen name Zauqi Alam born on March 24th, 1964, as he describes him self—‘An obsessive writer. In both Hindi and Urdu languages he has established himself as a recognized columnist, critic and author….
His creative susceptibilities and nursery curiosities has successfully penned down more than 500 short stories & seven novels and 15 short stories collections.
His novel ‘BAYAAN’ echoing the tragedy of Babri Masjid has been one of the most prominently reviewed novel of 1993. ‘’Laboratory’—a bi-product of GODHRA CRISIS also remains his one of the widely read and acclaimed piece of literature till date……
Slavry, Partion and the aftermaths of partition have been the pet themes of Mr. Zauqui’s writing.
His fearless style of writing, his political and social sensibilities have won laurels for him….
His creative efforts have also found a valuable expression in Television programming. Many Tele-series and Tele-films have been made being based on his novels and short stories


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