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Zeeshan Sahil
--: Biography of Zeeshan Sahil :--


Zeeshan Sahil was born in Hyderabad, Sindh, in 1961 and went to school there. He started writing poetry in 1977 and has published eight collections of poetry in Urdu. His prose writings include critical articles and texts for broadcast on radio.

Zeeshan’s mellowness in expression is reached through an intensity that is real, that must have been lived. He possesses the capacity to love even what he would hate. Or perhaps he possesses the talent to understand destructive emotions and transform them into a thing of beauty.

He began writings poems in 1977 and has also written some prose, including critical articles and radio columns. He also had a brief association with the National Book Council of Pakistan.

The late poet had published eight collections of poetry in Urdu Arena (1985), Chiryon ka Shor (1989), Kohr-alood Aasman ke Sitare (1994), Karachi aur Doosri Nazmain (1995), Email (2002), Shab Nama (2002), Jang ke Dinon Mein (2003) and Neem-tareek Muhabbat (2005).

Described as a shy man, critics have praised Zeeshan Sahil`s poetry for its sensitivity and simplicity, as well as his post-modern approach.

Though he suffered from a deformity, he did not let it get in the way of his work and was truly passionate about poetry.

“If I did not write poetry then I would not have done anything. Writing poetry is my vocation and not a hobby or habit. Perhaps from the age of 10 or 12 I started to write bits and pieces, a major part of which was poetry. I did not give much thought to education or making money, which I sometimes regret.

But poetry took hold of me gradually, so now the fact that I am a poet gives me great pleasure,” he once stated in an interview published in this newspaper`s Books & Authors section.

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