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Ziauddin Ahmad
--: Biography of Ziauddin Ahmad :--

 Ziauddin Ahmad 

Ziauddin Ahmad (1878-1947) was a visionary, educationist, writer parliamentarian and a devotee to Sir Syed’s cause in India and who played a vital role in the renaissance of the Indian Muslims culminating in the establishment of Pakistan. 

Ziauddin Ahmad went to England in 1901, having excellent academic achievements in India, on a government scholarship and obtained his honours degree in mathematics from Cambridge University. He was awarded Sir Isaac Newton scholarship in 1904, elected Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, joined Goittingen University in Germany in 1904 and obtained his Ph.D. degree from there. 

Dr Ziauddin returned to Aligarh in 1906 and eventually became principal of M A O College. Later when Aligarh Muslim University was established he became its Pro-vice Chancellor and the principal academic officer of the university and then vice-chancellor in 1935. 

Dr Ziauddin also played a very important role in politics. He was among the 82 Muslims leaders who attended the Dacca Session of Muhammadan Educational Conference in 1906 and passed the historic resolution for the establishment of All India Muslim League. 

In 1947, Dr Ziauddin undertook a tour of Europe and USA to study the latest trends and developments in higher education. While travelling by air from Paris to London, he suffered a stroke and died in 23 December 1947. 

Dr Ziauddin was laid to rest next to Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in Aligarh according to his own wish

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