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Allama Hazrat Aasi Ghazipuri
E-Book : Deewane Aasi  
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  • Kaneez Zainab
    06-06-2018 11:57:22
    بدہ دست یقیں اے دل کہ دست شاہ جیلانی
    یہ کلام کس کتاب سے لیا گیا ہ؟
  • Kaneez Zainab
    06-06-2018 11:56:13
    From which book this klaam has been taken?
  • ayeshanoor
    21-03-2018 05:29:37
    Karachi, During the wonderful and welcome development, the size of e-commerce sector of Pakistan is expected to cross $1 billion during the financial year 2917-2018, which is much earlier than the previous estimates.
    Due to increase in broadband penetration and rise in number of online payment merchants, the central bank data suggests that Pakistan will cross threshold in FY18, which is two years ahead of the earlier projections.
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