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--: Biography of THE JAKARTA POST :--



The Jakarta Post is a daily English language newspaper in Indonesia. With an average circulation of around 50,000 copies it is the largest English language newspaper in Indonesia. The paper is owned by PT Bina Media Tenggara, and the head office is in the nation's capital, Jakarta. The newspaper was launched on 25 April 1983.

The Jakarta Post is a small but influential newspaper oriented towards local English-speaking expatriates and the diplomatic community. In many ways, it acts as an unofficial mouthpiece of the Indonesian government into the international community.

The newspaper is owned by a consortium of competing Indonesian-language newspaper companies. Shareholders include Gramedia (owners of Kompas, by far Indonesia's biggest newspaper), Tempo, Suara Karya (a newspaper with close links with the former governing Golkar Party) and Sinar Harapan. Twenty percent of equity is now provided as a collective share for all non-foreign employees of the newspaper.

The history of the Post dates back to a conversation in mid-1982, between then-minister for information Ali Moertopo and Mr. Jusuf Wanandi, who represented the government-backed Golkar newspaper Suara Karya. Minister Moertopo suggested the possibility of publishing an English-language newspaper that would be able to provide an Indonesian perspective to counter what he perceived to be "highly unbalanced" Western-dominated news and views. 

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