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Jawaid Mahmood
Important News for You Aalmi Urdu Ghar has been formed in Bihar Urdu Youth Forum Website, you Can become member of Aalmi Urdu Ghar, for this you Click email id, password for this site other information which required there, then you go to your email page,there you find message from the site, click on link there, give another information along with your photograph then the process of registration is complete . After getting the member ship your separate page has been create there with your name, photograph and other information which you put in registration process. You should post Urdu literary materials from your own page, which you seen on your own page and Aalmi Urdu Ghar Home Page, where visitors will see and members will post there comments on your posted item. Now you will post your comments on design Shayari,Urdu Shayari,Mazameen and Afsana Section, after commenting in this section your comments with image and test it should appear on your own page and Aalmi Urdu Ghar Home Page, there other members it wants put there re-comment on this item which appear on Aalmi Urdu Ghar Home Page. After Login of the site your photograph will appear on top of left hand side of pope and it should appear on all pager where you go Name and Photograph of all members will be appear on Home Page of Aalmi Urdu Ghar login members name and photograph will be appear on all members page . In near future you should chat with others members through message box. You should set News le her from the site after uploading of literary materials. This site in purely literary site, person who have inters in Urdu literature should avail the member ship of Aalmi Urdu Ghar. Jawaid Mahmood President Bihar Urdu Youth Forum
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